Mark Van Hoen’s Power Shot/Power Tea

All of the ingredients in this recipe have numerous and well documented health benefits. It’s a refreshing and invigorating drink that I recommend for cold & flu relief and prevention in the winter months..but it’s also a fine idea to drink this daily with breakfast to promote general health- if you take the time to research the ingredients, you’ll see that the health benefits of this drink extend vastly beyond colds & flu. Fine tune the ratio of ingredients to your taste, it’s a tasty and superior replacement for tea, coffee or traditional juice at breakfast time.

1/2 Lemon (peeled) either juiced or squeezed.
1 turmeric root – juiced or fine grated
1 heaped tablespoon (or more) of ginger root – juiced or fine grated
A dash of Cayenne Pepper
A dash of Black Pepper

You can substitute the fresh ginger and/or the turmeric for their powdered equivalents, but this will be less potent and will not taste as good. I think it’s essential for at least the ginger to be fresh. I find the peppers offset the tart of the lemon, without resorting to sweetening the drink with honey or sugar – which lessens the health benefits.

Add all the ingredients to a mug of hot water and enjoy with your breakfast.

Alternatively, if you have juiced everything you can down as a shot without the hot water.