Rochelle Bates’s 90 Second Cup Cake (SCD legal, paleo, gluten and grain-free, sugar free)

I can’t eat any grains or starches that you’d find in traditional or even Paleo baked goods, so I eat this most mornings, it’s like a muffin. Good with coffee or tea in the morning 🙂 and . Cup Cake pour la Gâteau dans une tasse

You need a microwavable bowl to cook this; I use a medium-sized euro-style coffee bowl/cocoa cup, it is about 3.5 inches tall and 6 inches across with sides that slope up. If you use a real cup or mug it needs to be quite oversized – the cake will rise up over the top and then fall a bit; fruit may fall out if you use a mug, so place a plate under the cup while cooking in a mug or smaller bowl.

1/3 cup Super-fine almond flour (make sure it is super-fine or it will have the texture of coarse cornmeal)
1 jumbo egg or 2 medium eggs
1-2 Tablespoons honey (Omit if you are sugar-free)
1/4 tsp cinnamon (I put in 2 big shakes of Trader Joe’s)
1/2 tsp vanilla (capful of Trader Joe’s)
1/8 tsp baking soda
1-2 tsp of unsweetened coconut

Optional: ½ mashed very ripe banana

Butter for topping

2/3 cup or so fresh berries — you can use thawed, frozen fruit, but drain very well or it will make the cake mushy, too much liquid. I usually use blueberries or raspberries or mix of the 2, Blackberries need to be added at the end of cooking, as they are so juicy.

I’ve also used: peaches, fresh or thawed, dehydrated berries (they end up the consistency of raisins), about ½ cup grated/minced apple or ¼ cup applesauce (mix into the batter).

Whisk all of the ingredients until smooth. If you are using banana, mix it in now with all of the other ingredients. Make sure to scrape the batter down off of the walls of the bowl/cup.

Scatter the berries or chopped peaches on top of the batter, using enough to cover most of the surface, but don’t mound up or anything like that. The berries fall through the cake so you don’t have to push the fruit down.

Cook on high for 2 minutes 20 seconds; the surface crust on top might be moist from the fruit, but should be cooked through. If there is unbaked batter visible, nuke the cake for another 25-30 minutes (and don’t use as much fruit next time ☺ ).

If you are using blackberries, cook for 90 seconds, then top with blackberries so that the entire top surface is covered, and cook an additional minute. You can add the blackberries to the cupcake that already has fruit in it, or top the plain cupcake.

Top cup cake with thin slices of butter, loosen the cake from the sides of the cup and slip butter slices down there, and make slits in the top of the cake and put butter in those. Think of it as a butter sponge :). Use as much or as little butter as you like.

Cut the cup cake into bite-sized pieces, or unmold the cake from the cup and eat like a muffin. Best when HOT!

If you are a Paleo person or just gluten-free person you can eat maple syrup! You can omit or reduce the honey and top with butter and maple syrup for a uper-fast blueberry pancake tasting treat!

Version 2: follow recipe as above, but omit added fruit – you can still add the mashed banana or applesauce to the batter. Cook for only 90 seconds when there is no fruit, just a cup cake to bake.

You may need to add 20 seconds or so if you’ve used banana or applesauce. Top with homemade 10 minute fruit compote (see recipes!)

Savory version: add grated cheese and chili flakes, or maybe cheese and bacon to the batter — savory instead of sweet, so omit vanilla, cinnamon, coconut or honey.

*This is based on a recipe in a wonderful grain-free cookbook: BAKING FOR THE SPECIFIC CARBOHYDRATE DIET by Kathryn Anible.