Stephan Mathieu’s Linguine with Tuna Sugo

300g white tuna (natural/no oil or spice, dolphin friendly)
100g bacon (chopped in cubes)
500g cream (Panna)
a handful of salted capers (potted)
a handful of black olives
black pepper corns
sea salt
500g Linguine

Fry bacon in a pan, reduce heat and add the tuna, capers, grated nutmeg, crushed pepper and a proper pinch of crushed sea salt, let everything simmer smoothly for 2 minutes without letting the condiments become dry. Stir constantly.

Now add the cream and olives, churn, heat up for some seconds and keep everything simmering very smoothly with closed lid for 8-10 minutes (while the Linguine get boiled). Stir now and then, add some more pepper, the sugo should be nice and fluffy now and ready to meet the pasta!

Goes well with rucola and a balsamico, olive oil + mustard dressing.