Emma Cunniffe’s Favourite White Chocolate and Raspberry Trifle

300g/10oz raspberries
1 swiss roll(not chocolate)
juice of half lime
125g/4oz white chocolate
1tbsp Vodka
150g/5oz double or whipping cream
2tbsp icing sugar
2 x 500ml/17fl oz cartons fresh custard
a few sprigs mint

Place 100g/3oz of raspberries in a sieve placed over a bowl.Use the back of a spoon to push all their juice through into the bowl,leaving the pips behind.Scrape under the sieve so nothing is wasted.Add the lime juice,vodka and sift 1 tablespoon of icing sugar over the top.Stir well.

Slice the swiss roll about 1cm thick and use most of the slices to cover the base and make a single layer up the sides of a nice glass bowl.Moisten the slices with most of the raspberry juice and scatter with another 100g of raspberries.Set aside 20g of the chocolate and break up the rest into small pieces.Place the broken chocolate in a bowl and place inside another bowl filled with boilng water.Stir until the chocolate melts.This takes a few minutes,but if you want to speed it up,bring a small pan of water to the boil and suspend the bowl over the top.When it has melted,stir 1 tablespoon of the cream into the chocolate and then stir the mixture into 1 of the cartons of custard.

Pour half the chocolate custard over the prepared swiss roll and lay the remaining slices on top.Dribble the remaining raspberry sauce over the slices and scatter with most of the remaining raspberries,reserving about 10 to decorate the top of the trifle.Use about half of the second carton of custard to cover the trifle completely.Whip the rest of the cream until stiff and lift up scoops with a fork to decorate the top of the trifle.

Add the reserved raspberries.Grate the remaining chocolate on the large hole of a cheese grater over the top.Plant the mint sprigs here and there and dust the trifle with the rest of the icing sugar.Cover with clingfilm and chill for a minimum 2 hours and for up to 24 hours.Serve with the remaining custard.