Jiyeon Kim’s Valentine’s Day Special Recipe: Making mandarin flavoured chocolate with munch caramel

1. Get a chunk of chocolate and cut it into small pieces. I used about 400g of dark chocolate.
2. Put it in a bowl (stainless recommended) and warm up the bowl in a boiling pot.
3. It will take some time, about 15 mins. Be patient and when the chocolate pieces start to be melt, stir them many times.
4. I added condensed milk (because whipping cream was sold out at every shop in my town..) – about 120g – and stir them all together for another 15 mins.
5. During melting chocolate, wash mandarin carefully and peel it. I only used two madarin. It’s enough to have fresh and sweet mandarin flavour. With fruit knife, scrape out white parts of peel inside, so you only use grainy orange part of peel. Blanch them in a boiling water and slice them. If you find it hard to get mandarin at your place, you might be able to use orange instead. But normally orange peel is too thick and not sweet as much as mandarin’s, I guess. (I’m so lucky. Mandarine is very common in Korea in wintertime. Actually, Jeju island (the southest island of Korea) has a special chocolate, which is made of their special mandarine called Hallabong!-Halla is the name of mountain in Jeju. I didn’t refer to it, but my friend told me about it when he ate my chocolate. Of course, he loved mine more!!)
6. Cut caramel into small pieces. Very easy!
7. Get any flat big dishes or pan on which you spread melt chocolate (just like a pancake!). I used a big frypan. I put plastic wrap between pan and chocolate so the chocolate gets easily removed after getting hard.
8. Put sliced madarine peels on the half of chocolate and caramel pieces on the other.
9. Fold the chocolate, so now it looks like a half moon.
10. Wrap it with plastic wrap and put it in a freezer for about 2 hours.
11. Write a card for someone you’d like to give and smile!
12. Get the chocolate from freezer. It shouldn’t be fully formed but that’s the point. It’s hard to cut when the chocolate’s fully hardened. Cut them into good size and shape. Put them into freezer again for another few hours.
13. That’s it!

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!