Thomas Koner’s Blueberry Pancakes

2 eggs
200 ml milk
150 gr flour
150 gr blueberries (from the garden or frozen)

Make a pancake pie by mixing 2 eggs with pinch of salt, milk and flour. Pie has to be homogenous, but not too watery. Put a small piece of butter in the pan (medium heat) and when it melts, put a pie into the pan with a large ladle. While the pie is still soft, add blueberries and distribute them evenly on the upper side of the pancake. When the lower side is done, put a plate on the side with blueberries in order to flip the pancake more easily. Flip the whole pan, and take out the pancake, add a little piece of butter in a pan to melt for a few seconds, and then ‘slide’ the pancake back to the pan, this time on the side with the blueberries. Fry for a few minutes, mildly stirring the pan, so that the blueberries would not stick.When the pancake is done, put a clean plate on the top and flip the pan. This time the blueberryside will be on the top of the plate, so just cover it will sugar according to your taste and enjoy.